#57:  La Punta de los Muertos

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SE Corner of Harbor Dr and Pacific Hwy, San Diego



State Plaque


Very brief info


Photos 2 & 3 show the plaque before the corner was refurbished. The plaque is still there, just a few yards further south on Pacific Hwy.

Plaque Text:

La Punta de los Muertos (Dead Men's Point)

Burial site of sailors and marines in 1782 when San Diego Bay was surveyed & charted by Don Juan Pantoja Y Arriaga, pilot, and Don Jose Tovar, mate, of the royal frigates “La Princesa” and “La Favorita” under command of Don Augustin de Echeverria.

Marker placed by San Diego County Board of Supervisors and the Historical Markers Committee. Erected 1954

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