#71:  Casa de Machado

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2734 Calhoun St, Old Town, San Diego



No Plaque, but there is a private sign


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Some historic info on the Machado y Silvas Adobe


There are four Casas with the name "Machado" attached to them in Old Town. One is the Casa de Machado y Stewart, which is landmark #73. It is somewhat unclear which of the other three Machado casas this landmark is intended for. However, from the historical clipping linked above, and from the info on the sign that indicates the Machado y Silvas home was once a chapel, it seems to me that the Machado y Silvas home is what was intended. Some name on the sign doesn't match the one in the guidebook, but the one in the historical article does.

Photos 1-2 are of the Machado y Silvas casa, photos 3-4 are of the Machado y Worthington casa, and 5-7 are of the Casa de Machado site, which is now a restaurant. All sites are located on Old Town Plaza.

From the Guidebook:

Casa de Machado

This adobe house, constructed about 1832 by Jose Manuel Machado, pioneer leatherjacket soldier of the Spanish Army who arrived at San Diego Presidio about 1782, is now used as a community church.

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