#72:  Casa de Bandini

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E corner of Mason and Calhoun, Old Town, San Diego



Private Plaque


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The Casa de Bandini was refurbished into the Cosmopolitan Hotel in recent years. The plaques were moved into the courtyard area of the hotel. Photos 5-7 are from before the renovation.

From the Guidebook:

Casa de Bandini

This adobe house was constructed about 1827 by Jose and Juan Bandini. As headquarters of Commodore Robert F. Stockton in 1846, it was the place where Kit Carson and Edward Beale delivered their urgent message of December 9, 1846, calling for reinforcements to be rushed to the aid of General Kearny.

From the plaque:

Dedicated to Juan Bandini 1800-1859. Patriot and friend of the United States, by San Diego Chapter, D.A.R., and San Diego Chapter, S.A.R. march 26, 1960.

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