San Franciso County has 48 landmarks, and I have visited 48.

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On the map, the markers are:

= I have visited the landmark

= I photographed the landmark

= I haven't been there yet



79 Presidio of San Francisco



623 Union Square
  80 Montgomery Block  


650 Site of What Cheer House
  81 Landing Place of Captain J.B. Montgomery  


691 Sarcophagus of Thomas Starr King
  82 Castillo de San Joaquin  


696 Western Business Headquarters of Russell, Majors
  83 Shoreline Markers  


    and Waddell - Founders, Owners and Operators

  84 Rincon Hill  


    of the Pony Express

  85 Office of the Star Newspaper  


754 Site of the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art
  86 California Theatre  


760 Site of Laurel Hill Cemetery
  87 Site of First U.S. Branch Mint in California  


772 Original Site of St. Mary's College
  88 Niantic Hotel (Building)  


784 El Camino Real (As Father Serra Knew It and
  89 Site of Parrott Granite Block  


    Helped Blaze It)

  90 Fort Gunnybags  


791 Original Site of Bancroft Library
  91 Telegraph Hill  


810 Site of Old St. Mary's Church
  119 Portsmouth Plaza  


819 Hudson's Bay Company Headquarters
  192 "El Dorado," "Parker House," and "Dennison's  


841 The Conservatory



861 Site of First California State Fair
  236 Entrance of the San Carlos into San Francisco Bay  


875 Old United States Mint
  327 Mission San Francisco de Asis (Mission Dolores)  


876 City of Paris Building
  327-1 Site of Original Mission Dolores Chapel and Dolores  


937 Site of the Invention of the Three-Bell Slot




  328 Long Wharf  


941 Farnsworth's Green Street Lab
  408 Site of the First Meeting of Freemasons Held in  


964 Birthplace of the United Nations, War Memorial




  453 Lucas, Turner & Co. Bank (Sherman's Bank)  


987 Treasure Island - Golden Gate International
  454 Woodward's Gardens  


    Exposition, 1939-40

  459 Site of Brick Building of the Firm of Mellus and Howard  


1002 Site of the First Dynamite Factory in United States
  462 Site of First Jewish Religious Services in San



1010 Original Site of the Third Baptist Church (Formerly



    the First Colored Baptist Church)

  500 Eastern Terminus of Clay Street Hill Railroad  


1024 Juana Briones Monument
  587 First Public School  


2009 David Schmitt