#995:  Trail of the John C. Fremont 1844 Expedition

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NW corner of junction of Hwy 88 and Calaveras River

38.052622, -121.189558




Private Plaque


The plaque is located in front of the Dodge House, at the Sorrelle Winery, just north of the river.

From the Guidebook:

Fremont's historic second overland expedition of 1843-44 was the first in which he reached California. He and his companions entered California in the dead of winter, camped across the snowbound Sierra, spent a month at Sutter's Fort in the Sacramento Valley, and then continued south through the San Joaquin Valley. Fremont's report added to the growing American interest in the Far West and California, making this 1844 expedition one of the most influential events in American westward expansion. Fremont camped at this site on March 26, 1844.

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