#394:  Site of the Discovery of San Francisco Bay

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Sweeney Ridge. Numerous trails lead to Sweeney Ridge, but the easiest may be from the end of Fassler Ave, Pacifica. State plaque located SE corner of Crespi Dr and State Hwy 1, Pacifica

Plaque 1: 37.599298, -122.499989
Plaque 2 and site: 37.604595, -122.457865




State Plaque on Hwy 1, Private plaque at Sweeney Ridge site


To get to the site and private plaque, be ready for an uphill hike.

From the state plaque:

Captain Gaspar de Portolá camped, October 31, 1769, by the creek at the south side of this valley, and to that camp scouting parties brought news of a body of water to the east. On November 4 the expedition advanced. Turning inland here, they climbed to the summit of Sweeney Ridge and beheld for the first time the Bay of San Francisco.

Tablet placed by California Centennials Commission. Base furnished by County Board of Supervisors in cooperation with the San Mateo County Historical Association. Dedicated October 16, 1949.

From the private plaque:

From this ridge the Portola expedition discovered San Francisco Bay, November 4, 1769.

2009 David Schmitt