#260:  Santa Clara Campaign Treaty Site

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Civic Center Park, NE corner of El Camino Real and Lincoln St, Santa Clara

Plaque 1: 37.352598, -121.953966
Plaque 2: 37.352136, -121.954141




State Plaque


There are two state plaques for this site, one across the street from the other. It appears the older plaque was lost and then found again, and rededicated.

From the Guidebook:

After an armed confrontation on January 2 and a meeting the following day, Marine Captain Ward Marston, commander of the United States expeditionary force, and Francisco Sánchez, leader of the Mexican-Californian ranchers, agreed to a treaty here on January 7, 1847. U.S. forces were to recognize the rights of the Californians and end seizures of their property.

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