Santa Clara County has 44 landmarks, and I have visited 44.

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On the map, the markers are:

= I have visited the landmark

= I photographed the landmark

= I haven't been there yet


  249 Old Adobe Woman's Club    813 Montgomery Hill
  250 Old Sites of Mission Santa Clara de Asis and Old    834 Eadweard Muybridge and the Development
      Spanish Bridge         of Motion Pictures
  259 Vasquez Tree and Site of 21-Mile House     836 Pioneer Electronics Research Laboratory
  260 Santa Clara Campaign Treaty Site     854 Old Post Office
  338 Mission Santa Clara     857 John Adams Squire House
  339 New Almaden Mine     866 Luis Maria Peralta Adobe
  339-1 New Almaden Mine     868 Winchester House
  416 Edwin Markham Home     888 Hayes Mansion
  417 First Normal School in California (San Jose State     895 Hostess House
      College)     898 Roberto-Sunol Adobe
  433 First Site of El Pueblo de San Jose de Guadalupe     902 First Unitarian Church of San Jose
  434 Site of "City Gardens" - Nursery of Louis Pellier     903 Kotani-En
  435 Saratoga     904 Charles Copeland Morse Residence
  447 Gubserville     910 St. Joseph's Catholic Church
  448 Patchen     913 Lou Henry Hoover House
  458 Forbes Flour Mill     945 First Successful Introduction of the Honeybee to
  461 Site of California's First State Capitol      

  489 Moreland School     952 Site of World's First Broadcasting Station
  505 Almaden Vineyards     969 Home Site of Sarah Wallis
  524 Site of Juana Briones de Miranda Home on Rancho     976 Birthplace of "Silicon Valley"
      La Purisima Concepcion     1000 Site of Invention of the First Commercially
  644 Martin Murphy Home and Estate (Site)      

Practicable Integrated Circuit
  733 Paul Masson Mountain Winery     1017 Gilroy Yamato Hot Springs Resort
  800 Arroyo de San Joseph Cupertino     1049 Guadalupe Mission of San Jose