#627:  Union Hotel and Union Hall

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35 W Napa St, Sonoma





State Plaque



From the Guidebook:

The original hotel was a one-story adobe, the adjoining hall was a one-story frame structure. After the fire of 1866, a two-story stone hotel and a two-story frame hall with rooms upstairs for hotel guests were built. The Union Hotel was conducted as a hotel until 1955, when the Bank of America acquired the property.

From the Guidebook:

On this site between 1849 and 1957 stood the Union Hotel and Hall. Built by three veterans of the Mexican War, the hotel was a one-story adobe and the hall a one-story frame building. These were destroyed by fire in 1866 and replaced by two-story structures of stone and wood. The hotel was a rendezvous for such noted soldiers as William T. Sherman, Joseph Hooker, George Stoneman, and George Derby. The hall was also a focal point for theatrical, social, musical, and political events in Sonoma. The Bank of America built its Sonoma branch on this site in 1957.

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the Sonoma branch of Bank of America, April 9, 1982.

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