#0405 Town of Gold Run


#0405 Town of Gold Run

Site information:

South side of I-80 on Magra Rd at Gold Run exit, Gold Run


Plaque information:

State plaque

Plaque text:

Gold Run

Founded in 1854 by O. W. Hollenbeck and originally called Mountain Springs. Famed for its hydraulic mines which from 1865 to 1878 shipped $6,125,000.00 in gold. Five large water ditches passed through the town serving the mining companies which had to cease operations in 1882 when state law was passed passed prohibiting hydraulic mining.

Tablet placed by California Centennials Commission. Base furnished by Placer County Historical Society. Dedicated June 25, 1950

Plaque addendum text:

Base built and plaque remounted by Lord Sholto Douglas Chapter No. 3 E Clampus Vitus June 25, 1984

Registered 4/14/1948