#0585 Pioneer Express Trail


#0585 Pioneer Express Trail

Site information:

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area.  Park at Beals Point, go 0.3 mi N on levee trail, Folsom

Trail location is now covered by Folsom Lake. 

State Recreation Area accessible only during open hours. Fee required for entry.


Plaque information:

State plaque. One can only assume this plaque location made more sense when it was dedicated in 1957. Today it is practically hidden and not in sight, unless you know where to look.

Plaque text:

Pioneer Express Trail

Between 1849 and 1854, Pioneer Express riders rode this gold rush trail to the many populous mining camps on the American River bars now covered by Folsom Lake. - Beals, Condemned, Dotons, Long, Horseshoe, Rattlesnake, and Oregon - on the route to Auburn and beyond.

Plaque placed by California State Park Commission May 5, 1957.

Registered 5/22/1957