#0101 Giant Desert Figures


#0101 Giant Desert Figures

Site information:

On Hwy 95 (P.M. 15.3), 16 mi N of Blythe.  Take the road with the sign for "Blythe Intaglios."


Plaque information:

The state plaque was missing when I visited.  In 2023, it was replaced with a new state plaque.


OHP description:

Times of origin and meaning of these giant figures, the largest of which is 167 feet long and the smallest 95 feet, remain a mystery. There are three figures, two of animals and one of a coiled serpent, and some interesting lines. (Sandstone pebbles glazed on one side with 'desert varnish,' strewn over the surface of the mesa, have been moved away, leaving the earth forming the figures, the pebbles were placed in windrows about the edge as an outline.)

Registered 3/29/1933