#0387 "The Glass House," Casa Materna of the Vallejos


#0387 "The Glass House," Casa Materna of the Vallejos

Site information:

The OHP says this was "On edge of bluff 1,000 ft N of intersection of Hillcrest Rd and Salinas Rd, 2.5 mi SE of Watsonville"

From what I can tell, the house once stood near those trees at the back of the strawberry farm. It is no longer there.


Plaque information:

No plaque

OHP description:

In the 1820s, Don Ignacio Vallejo built the Casa Materna on Bolsa de San Cayetano. Don Ignacio and Dona MarĂ­a Antonio Lugo y Vallejo had 13 children--eight daughters and five sons, one of whom was General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo.

Registered 1/3/1947