#0672 Lavers Crossing


#0672 Lavers Crossing

Site information:

NE corner of White River and Jack Ranch Rds, 1.1 mi W of Glennville

Nothing remains of this site, as far as I know.


Plaque information:

Private plaque

Plaque text:

Lavers Crossing

In 1854, John C. Reid filed a squatter's claim on this spot - the same year Kern County's first school class was held here. In 1859, David Lavers, with his father and brother, John, built a hotel and stage barn on the old Bull Road. The crossing was the principal community in Linn's Valley until about 1870.

Dedicated Dec. 13, 1959. Marker placed by Kern County Historical Society, El Tejon Parlor No.239 N.D.G.W., and Kern County Museum.

Registered 2/16/1959