#1050 Crystal Cove Historic District


#1050 Crystal Cove Historic District

Site information:

West of Hwy 1, just south of Los Trancos parking area, Newport Beach

33.575538, -117.840688

Plaque information:

The state plaque which is shown in photo #9 has now been mounted at the location of the site. The photo shows it in the visitor's center, prior to installation.

Plaque text:

Crystal Cove Historic District

The early to mid-twentieth century cottages in this last self-contained Southern California beachfront recreational community reflect a unique vernacular architectural design emblematic of "architecture without architects."

Registered November 8, 2013. Plaque placed by California State Parks in cooperation with the Crystal Cove Alliance. Dedicated 2014, the 150th anniversary of California State Parks.

Registered 12/2/2013