#0391 Sanchez Adobe


#0391 Sanchez Adobe

Site information:

1000 Linda Mar Boulevard, Pacifica

37.587491, -122.493784

Plaque information:

State plaque

Site and plaque are in county park, which is gated during non-operating hours.

Plaque text:

The home of Francisco Sánchez (B. 1805, D. 1862), alcalde of San Francisco and commandante of militia under the Mexican Republic, grantee of the 8,926-acre Rancho San Pedro, and later a respected American citizen. His house, built 1842-46, afterwards was owned and remodeled by General Edward Kirkpatrick, it was purchased by the County of San Mateo in 1947 to be preserved as a public museum.

California State Park Commission. Monument base erected by the County of San Mateo in cooperation with the San Mateo Historical Association. Dedicated June 6, 1953.

Registered 9/25/1947