#0173 Centerville Beach Cross


#0173 Centerville Beach Cross

Site information:

5 mi W of Ferndale on Centerville Rd


Plaque information:

Private plaque existed when I visited.  I have learned that the original cross was moved, and a replacement cross is now located at the Centerville Beach parking lot, just north of the original site.

Plaque text:

To the memory of the 38 pioneers who lost their lives in the wreck of the steamer "Northerner" on January 6, 1860. By Ferndale Parlor, NSGQ, 1921.

Rebuilt because of the earthquake of 1992. Rededicated February 11, 1995 by Grand Parlor, Native Sons of the Golden West. Fred Codoni, Grand President.

OHP description:

On January 6, 1860 the steamer Northerner, northward bound from San Francisco, struck a hidden rock two miles off Cape Mendocino, and from there drifted to the Centerville Beach. Thirty-three passengers and 32 crew members were saved - the cross was erected by the Ferndale Parlor No. 93, N.D.G.W., in memory of the 17 passengers and 21 crew members who lost their lives in this disaster.

Registered 3/6/1935