#0349 Camp Independence (Fort)


#0349 Camp Independence (Fort)

Site information:

500 ft S of intersection of Miller Ln and Schabbell Ln, 3 mi NE of Independence

Nothing remains of this site, as far as I know.


Plaque information:

Private plaque

Plaque text:

Camp Independence

At the request of settlers, Colonel George Evans led a military expedition to this site on July 4, 1862. Hence its name 'Independence.' Indian hostilities ceased and the camp closed. War again broke out in 1865 and the camp was reoccupied as Fort Independence until its abandonment in 1877. This fort made possible the early settlements in the Owens Valley.

Dedicated June 13, 1981 Slim Princess Chapter No. 395 E Clampus Vitus

Registered 10/9/1939