#0953 Laws Narrow Gauge Railroad Station and Yard


#0953 Laws Narrow Gauge Railroad Station and Yard

Site information:

Silver Canyon Rd (Inyo County Rd), on old town of Laws, 4 mi NE of Bishop

Plaque and site are on privately owned land and restricted to operating hours.


Plaque information:

State Plaque and Private plaque

State paque text:

Laws Station

In 1883, the Carson & Colorado Railroad was built between Mound House (near Carson City, Nevada) through Laws to Keeler, California, a distance of 300 miles. Laws Station was named in honor of Mr. R. J. Laws, Assistant Superintendent of the railroad. Between 1883 and about 1915, this railroad provided the only dependable means of transportation in and out of Owens Valley. Train service was stopped on April 30, 1960.

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the Bishop Museum and Historical Society April 1, 1983.

Private plaque text:


In 1883 the Carson and Colorado "Railway" Co. completed the building of the narrow gauge line from Mound House Nevada to Laws, which was originally called Bishop Station.  Laws was named in honor of R.J. Laws, assistant superintendent of the railroad.  The Southern Pacific Co. took over the line in 1900 and the train through the valley was locally dubbed "the slim princess."  The last train ran on April 30, 1960.

Dedicated June 17, 1972 "Slim Princess" Chapter E Clampus Vitus.  Inyo County Bourd of Supervisors

Registered 1/14/1983