#0262 Milton


#0262 Milton

Site information:

County Road J14 (Milton Rd), Milton

On Jan 23, 2016, about 2 months before I visited, the historic Masonic Lodge where the plaque was located burned down.


Plaque information:

Private plaque, but the plaque is really more about the Masonic Hall than it is about the town.  there is no other plaque for the town, though.

Plaque text:

Keystone Lodge No. 161, F. & A.M. instituted in Copperopolis, Dec. 19, 1862, at the height of the copper mining boom. Moved, 1881, to Milton, the terminal of the Stockton & Copperopolis Railroad, which because of the collapse of copper mining, never reached its intended goal. Dedicated to the memory of those who sought to perpetuate the moral teachings of Freemasonry. To them we gratefully acknowledge our debt.

Grand Lodge F.& A.N. of California. Dec. 19, 1962

OHP description:

Completion of the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1871 marked the birth of the town of Milton. Named after Milton Latham, one of the railroad construction engineers, this town was the first in Calaveras County to have a railroad. Freight and passengers continued their journeys to other parts of Calaveras County by wagon and stagecoach.

Registered 9/3/1937