#0518 Agua Fria


#0518 Agua Fria

Site information:

4189 State Hwy 140, 3.2 mi W of Mariposa


Plaque information:

Two private plaques

Metal plaque text:

Agua Fria

One fourth mile north of Carson Creek, tributary of Agua Fria, was located Agua Fria, first county seat of Mariposa County in 1850-1851 one of original 27 counties in California. Until 1852, while mining was main industry of region, Mariposa County comprised 1/6 of the state and included all of what is now Merced, Madera, Fresno, Tulare, Kings, and Kern Counties. Town of Mariposa became seat of government in 1852 & the courthouse was completed in 1854.

Plaque erected May 16, 1954 by Mariposa Parlor No. 63 Native Daughters of the Golden West. California State Park Commission

Stone plaque text:

Agua Fria

Discoverd by Sonoran miners in the early summer of 1849. It was located about a quarter mile above the two springs of cold water from which the town derived its name.

Aqua Fria was the first county seat from Feb. 18, 1850 to Nov. 10. 1851. During this time the town consisted of about a dozen stores, Three Card Monte, Faro tables, a billiard room, hotel and bowling alley.

The town of Aqua Fria soon declined, when in 1852 the town of Mariposa became the seat of government. On June 22, 1866 a fire broke out which destroyed the entire town and it was never rebuilt.

Dedicated by Matuca Chapter No. 1849 E Clampus Vitus April 1, 2000 (6005) Credo Quia Absurdum

Registered 4/26/1954