#0449 Glenwood


#0449 Glenwood

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4171 Glenwood Dr, 0.4 mi N of Glenwood Cutoff Rd, NE of Scotts Valley

37.108235, -121.987157

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State plaque

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Historic town founded by Charles C. Martin, who came around Horn in 1847, and his wife, Hannah Carver Martin, who crossed the Isthmus. First homesteaded area in 1851 and operated toll-gate and station for stage coaches crossing mountains. Later Martin developed lumber mill, winery, store, and Glenwood Resort Hotel.

Tablet placed by California Centennials Commission.  Base provided by Santa Cruz Parlor No. 26, Native Daughters, Santa Cruz Parlor No. 90, Native Sons, and descendants Martin Family.  Dedicated June 22, 1950

Registered 11/2/1949