#0561 Schramsberg


#0561 Schramsberg

Site information:

End of Schramsberg Rd, 0.7 mi from Hwy 128, 3.1 mi S of Calistoga

Site is privately owned, and access may be restricted to operating hours.


Plaque information:

State plaque

Plaque text:


Founded in 1862 by Jacob Schram. This was the first hillside winery of the Napa Valley. Robert Louis Stevenson, visiting here in 1880, devoted a chapter of his “Silverado Squatters” to Schramsberg and its wines. Ambrose Bierce and Lilly Hitchcock Coit were other cherished friends. The original house and winery have been excellently preserved.

Plaque placed by California State Park Commission in cooperation with Napa County Historical Society. April 6, 1957

Registered 12/31/1956