#0013 Guillem's Graveyard


#0013 Guillem's Graveyard

Site information:

In Lava Beds National Monument, about 7.5 mi W of NE entrance, 4 mi S of Tule Lake

A fee is required to end the National Monument.


Plaque information:

No plaque, but there is information from the National Monument signs

The sign in the photo is hard to read, but listed are the names of those who died in the Modoc war, including those once buried in the graveyard.

Sign text:

It is difficult today to trace the disposition of all those killed in action during the Modoc War. This site was first consecrated January 17, 1873, when two soldiers were buried here. It became an official cemetery in April when thirteen enlisted men were brought from the battlefield at Hardin Butte. Officers were taken to private cemeteries in their home towns or to various military cemeteries around the country.

Most enlisted men were buried where they fell on the battlefields. In August, after the war, they were of interred in this cemetery. In November, 1875, half of them were moved to the cemetery at Fort Klamath. Records do not disclose when the rest were moved. All were taken from Fort Klamath to the Presidio in San Francisco in 1885. With each internment, fewer remains were identified. Most of the privates now share a single, common grave.

No remains lie here today, but this cemetery memorializes those who fought and died in various conflicts during the Modoc War of 1872 – 1873. Their names, gleamed from dozens of historic records, are listed below. Divisions of the US Army that were camped here are listed with their subsequent campaigns. You, a relative, or a friend may have served in one of these same units.

OHP description:

Almost 100 soldiers killed in action during the Modoc Indian War of 1872-73 were buried here. The bodies were moved to the National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. in the early 1890s.

Registered 6/1/1932