#1057 Bryte VFW Memorial Hall


#1057 Bryte VFW Memorial Hall

Site information:

1708 Lisbon Ave

38.594377, -121.543951

Plaque information:

A private plaque exists, which is dedicated to Jordan "Pappy" Ramos.  He built and originally owned the hall.  This plaque pre-exists the landmark status of the hall. 

OHP description:

Bryte VFW Memorial Hall was built in 1946 as a community center and movie theater by Jordan "Pappy" Ramos, in the Bryte neighborhood of the city of West Sacramento. The property is significant as the first All-Indian Veterans of Foreign Wars chapter in California, Post 9054, established in 1950. The post was established by veterans primarily from the Maidu and Miwok tribes of northern California. Beyond its role as a VFW hall, this building became a highly significant location for dances, community, networking, especially its role as the site of traditional Miwok dancing. The traditional dances revived at the Bryte VFW Memorial Hall, beginning as intermission entertanment as social dances, were precurors to many regional traditional dance organizations.

Registered 8/1/2019