#1060 Harada House


#1060 Harada House

Site information:

3356 Lemon Street, Riverside

33.985151, -117.369161

Plaque information:

As of January 2021, there is a National plaque and a City of Riverside plaque.  No plaque for the CA designation exists.

National Plaque text:

Harada House has been designated a National Historic Landmark. 

This building possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America.

1990 National Park Service.  United States Department of the Interior.

City Plaque text:

Harada House

This house was purchased in 1915 by local restaurant proprietor Jukichi Harada in the names of his three American-born minor children.  It was remodeled adn expanded to two stories in 1916.  the question of legal ownership of this house resulted in the first test - and successful challenge - of the 1913 California alien land law which prohibited aliens from legally owning property in the state.  Jukichi Harada died in 1944.

Cultural Heritage Board Landmark No. 23
City of Riverside

OHP description:

Harada House is a two-story residence in Riverside, built sometime before 1887. From 1915 it was purchased by Jukichi Harada, a Japanese immigrant. The house became the subject of a 1918 landmark Superior Court decision granting the Harada family the right to own the property, challenging an anti-immigrant and racist property ownership law that forbade immigrants from Asia from owning property in California. The property is a National Historic Landmark and is significant for its association with an individual, Jukichi Harada, who had a profound influence on the history of California.

Registered 8/14/2020