#1061 New Albion


#1061 New Albion

Site information:

At Kenneth C. Patrick Visitor Center, end of Drake Beach Rd, Point Reyes National Seashore

The actual location of the landing isn't known, but plaque #3 is one option.

38.027733, -122.961537

Plaque information:

There are numerous private plaques for this site.

1 - Nova Albion, located at National Seashore Visitor Center.  Easiest to find. (photos 1-2)
38.027733, -122.961537

2 - The Landing Place of Francis Drake H.M.S. "Golden Hinde", on the base of a cross, located near the Visitor Center parking lot.  To access this plaque, I had to walk about 50 feet into the bushes.  Not visible from the parking lot. (photos 3-5)
38.029011, -122.962386

3 - Portus Novae Albionis, located on the coast of Drake's Bay.  To access this plaque, it is about a 3 mile walk round trip along the beach and the estuary.  A nice walk a low tide. (photos 6-9)
38.034658, -122.940552

4 - Francis Drake, located near the end of Point Reyes, near Chimney Rock trailhead, on the wall of a residence. (photos 10-12)
37.995150, -122.977433

Plaque text:

1- Nova Albion

On June 17, 1579, Captain Francis Drake sailed his ship, Golden Hinde, into the Gulf of the Farallones and the bay that now bears his name. He sighted these white cliffs and named the land Nova Albion.

During his 36 day encampment in California, Drake repaired his ship, established contact with local Indians, explored inland, took on supplies and water, and claimed the region for Queen Elizabeth I.

The Golden Hinde set sail on July 25 and ventured into the unknown Pacific. Reaching Plymouth, England on September 26, 1560, after a voyage of two years and nine months, Drake became the first Englishman and expedition commander to circumnavigate the earth.

Drake’s exploits and claim encouraged England to colonize Roanoke in 1585, and Jamestown in 1607. Captain John Smith, in 1616, named the east coast New England, a reflection of Drake’s Nova Albion.

Sir Francis Drake Quadricentennial Committee June 16, 1979

2 - In Commemoration of The Landing Place of Francis Drake H.M.S. "Golden Hinde"

upon these shores June 17, 1570

This cross is erectetd by the Sir Francis Drake Association of California, June 1946

3 - Portus Novae Albionis

This cove is believed by many scholars to be the site of Sir Francis Drake’s California Harbor, where he careened the Golden Hinde to repair a leak received at sea and replenished his ship from 17 June to 25 July 1579.

He made camp ashore, and from the surrounding hills the local Indians observed the Englishmen and descended to establish friendly contact. When his work was nearly completed, he made a journey “up the land” where he found the inland “farre different from the shoare, a goodly country….”

Before departing to complete his circumnavigation of the world, he erected a monument of a “great and firm post” with a plate of brass to claim the land for Queen Elizabeth I, naming it Nova Albion for the white cliffs “which lie toward the sea.”

Placed by the Drake Navigators Guild 1979

(Also at this location)

June 17, 1579
Francis Drake landed in this cove and here repaired his ship the Golden Hinde

Drake named this land Nova Albion and took possession for Queen Elizabeth

This Anchor commemorating Drake’s landing was presented to the Drake Navigators Guild by H.M.S. Drake Royal Naval Barracks, Devonport, England
and dedicated June, 20, 1954 by Sir Robert Hadow, H.B.M. Consul General as a memorial to Francis Drake and other early navigators to our Coast.

4 - On June 17, 1579 Francis Drake landed on these shores and took possession of the country calling it Nova Albion.

Dedicated June 17, 1950 Yerba Buena Chapter E Clampus Vitis

OHP description:

New Albion is the landing site and encampment of Sir Francis Drake's expedition to California in 1579, located in the coast of Marin County. This was the site where Drake met with the Coast Miwok people. The site is a National Historic Landmark and is significant for its association with an individual or group, Sir Francis Drake and the voyage of the Golden Hind, who had a profound influence on the history of California.

Registered 8/14/2020