#0200 Mission San Juan Capistrano


#0200 Mission San Juan Capistrano

Site information:

NE corner of Ortega Hwy and Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano

Site is gated, requires a fee and is limited to operating hours.  Plaque is accessible any time.


Plaque information:

State plaque was removed during renovations. I am unclear as to where the plaque has gone.

Plaque text:

San Juan Capistrano Mission

Founded in 1776 by Padre Junípero Serra, this is the seventh in the chain of 21 missions established in Alta California to Christianize and civilize the Indians. The stone church was destroyed in 1812 earthquake. Expropriated during Mexican rule, the mission was returned to the Catholic church in 1865 by proclamation of President Abraham Lincoln.

California State Park Commission

Registered 6/20/1935