#0115 Olivas Adobe


#0115 Olivas Adobe

Site information:

4200 Olivas Park, Ventura

Access to site is restricted to operating hours, though it can be viewed from outside fairly easily.


Plaque information:

State and private plaques

State plaque text:

Olivas Adobe

This adobe is the only early two-story adobe in the Santa Clara River Valley. A small one-story adobe, built in 1837 was enlarged in 1849 by Don Raimundo Olivas: a prosperous cattle rancher. Continuous use has preserved the adobe for public viewing.

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the City of San Buenaventura. June 27, 1976

Private plaque text:

Olivas Adobe

The original small adobe on this site was built by Don Raimundo Olivas and his son, Nicolas, in 1837. The present structure was begun in 1847, with roof beams from the Santa Paula Canyon, and tiles made from native soil. Don Raimundo lived in this adobe until his death on February 24, 1879. The last owner of this property was Major Max C. Fleischmann. Two hundred and fifty acres were given to the City of Ventura by the Fleischmann Foundation of Nevada in 1963 for public use.

Dedicated by Poinsettia Parlor No. 318, Native Daughters of the Golden West. Ventura, California. June 9, 1973

Registered 3/29/1933