#0361 Old Lobero Theatre


#0361 Old Lobero Theatre

Site information:

33 E Canon Perdido St, Santa Barbara


Plaque information:

State plaque has been removed or gone missing.

Plaque text:

Old Lobero Theatre

José Lobero opened the region's first legitimate theatre on this site on February 22, 1873. For many years the old theatre was the center of social life in Santa Barbara. A new Lobero Theatre, opened in 1924 on the same site, continues to serve the cultural interests of the area.

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the County of Santa Barbara, Lobero Theatre Foundation, and Tierra de Oro Parlor No. 304, N.D.G.W., February 22, 1974.

Registered 10/9/1939