#0058 Old California-Oregon Road


#0058 Old California-Oregon Road

Site information:

SW corner of Hwy 273 and Spring Gulch Rd, Anderson

40.465895, -122.324579

Plaque information:

Private plaque

Plaque text:

Mt. Shasta, 14,161 Feet
Official emblem of the Shasta Historical Society

"The pioneers in their journeys marked the roads and trails so that others recognizing them might safely follow."

The spot marks the location of the California-Oregon road.  Main artery of travel of the pioneers blazed by them in the "fifties" and followed at this place by The Pacific Highway, linking the past with the future.

Dedicated to the pioneers of Northern California by McCloud Parlor No. 140, N.S.G.W. of Redding MCMXXXI

OHP description:

This marks the location of the main artery of travel used by pioneers between the Trinity River and the northern mines of California and Oregon.
Registered 12/6/1932